1843 magazine


Stage fright: a play about a school shooting becomes too real

At a high school in New York City, life imitates art imitates life


“They are there but you’ll never see their faces”: The secret heroes of Shanghai’s lockdown

For two months, a shadowy network of volunteers delivered necessities to the vulnerable. Then it vanished

Abortion rights

Roe v Wade: “What if I have a child here, and it’s a girl?”

A Chinese photographer moved to America, believing that the country respects women. Now she fears it has gone back in time


I was a war reporter in Ethiopia. Then I became the enemy

The Economist’s correspondent was expelled after a shadowy online campaign against him


“Our son wants to be a soldier”: an interview with Ukraine’s first lady

Olena Zelenska on the war, homeschooling and Russia’s hit squads


Holiday dilemmas of the Russian elite

Some Russians fear being sent to Ukraine. My employer fears summer in Dubai


They’re successful black farmers. Why did Zimbabwe’s government seize their land?

It’s hard to do business when the ruling party has a grudge against you

Russia-Ukraine war

With her PlayStation and her pet rat: how one member of Pussy Riot fled Russia

Lusya Shtein describes her daring escape to Lithuania


The lithium curse: why Bolivia has failed to turn minerals into gold

Bolivians thought green energy would make them richer. Now locals worry they’ll be exploited again


Collaborators, demonstrators, soldiers, spies: life under Russian occupation

In Kherson, Ukrainians find it hard to judge the acceptable limits of resistance and co-operation

Cost of living

Politicians have long told the poor that they’re not doing poverty right

Historical tales of scarcity, from toilet paper to men


Twelve angry live-bloggers: inside the “Wagatha Christie” trial

The Wags were created by the tabloids. Now they’re being consumed by them