The all-conquering quaver

As TikTok grows, so does suspicion

The Chinese app is bringing competition—and security fears—to social media

The long war

Does a protracted conflict favour Russia or Ukraine?

Ukraine is counting on its Western allies; Vladimir Putin is counting on them to lose heart

Nuclear family

Energy security gives climate-friendly nuclear-power plants a new appeal

To make good on it they have to get easier to build

Chain reaction

The structure of the world’s supply chains is changing

The pandemic and war in Ukraine have speeded up the transformation

The world that Bert built

Huge “foundation models” are turbo-charging AI progress

They can have abilities their creators did not foresee

Armageddon used to this

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has eroded the nuclear taboo

This war is unlikely to go nuclear. But it is increasing the risk that future conflicts will

Fortified but not enriched

China is trying to protect its economy from Western pressure

The results are mixed

The food system in crisis

A world grain shortage puts tens of millions at risk

War, extreme weather and export controls are all contributing

The law unto themselves

America’s Supreme Court faces a crisis of legitimacy

The nine justices are increasingly at odds with the majority of citizens

Sorrows in battalions

Russia’s army is in a woeful state

The fiasco in Ukraine could be a reflection of a bad strategy or a poor fighting force

“War is here”

What Taiwan can learn from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Fighting spirit and the right Western arms may stymie a powerful foe