Rebuilding back better

What will it cost to rebuild Ukraine?

And all sorts of infrastructure will need rebuilding

It’s a Cossack thing

Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine is defined by self-organisation

Coming together is what Ukrainians do

Beating the hard right

France looks likely to re-elect Emmanuel Macron

But his race against Marine Le Pen is a lot closer than it was last time

The fortunes of war

What next for Russia?

For the moment, Russian forces have given up on Kyiv

The war in Ukraine

Ukraine’s president tells The Economist why Vladimir Putin must be defeated

Surrounded by sandbags and tank traps, Volodymyr Zelensky holds forth

Reactionary, obscurantist and having a day in the sun

The new Russian cult of war

It has been growing unnoticed for some time

The war in Ukraine

An uncertain outlook across Ukraine

Russia’s atrocities in Mariupol have not brought it closer to victory. But they have not yet spread farther afield, either

Russia’s war

Ukraine fights on

Despite negotiations, there seems to be no end in sight

What’s the worst that can happen

The risk that the war in Ukraine escalates past the nuclear threshold

Disaster does not seem imminent but it does seem disturbingly possible

Occupation? No thanks!

Russian soldiers expecting to be welcomed to Ukraine were soon disabused

Now things are turning nastier

The great leap backward

Vladimir Putin is pushing Russia into the past

Maybe by a generation, maybe by a century

The post-post-cold-war world

The war in Ukraine is going to change geopolitics profoundly

Some bits will look familiar, some will look unprecedented