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Tweeter’s remorse

With or without Elon Musk, Twitter is overdue a shake-up

Behind a stagnation in users lies a stagnating product

When the chips are way down

After a turbocharged boom, are chipmakers in for a supersized bust?

Surging supply and softening demand are bringing the pandemic’s superstar industry back to Earth


What does the future hold for Reliance, India’s biggest firm?

Is it on the verge of a break-up?

PE lesson

Private equity may be heading for a fall

The era of rising valuations and cheap debt is over

Business in Poland

Business in Poland faces strong headwinds

War raging in neighbouring Ukraine makes life difficult


Reading corporate culture from the outside

It is becoming a bit easier to peer inside firms

Venture capitalism in Europe

How sturdy are Europe’s tech unicorns?

The downturn is unlikely to lay waste to tech on the old continent again


Beach reads for business folk

What to read when you are not working


Mars Inc gets the purpose v profit balance right

Showy corporations should learn from the low-key, family-owned mammal-feeder

The Sakhalin exception

Japanese energy firms cling on to their Russian assets

That puts them in line with Japan’s government but at odds with the West

Traditional medicine

The pandemic is boosting sellers of traditional medicine

Whether or not they work, herbal remedies are a healthy business