A huge data leak in China was not unexpected

The need for unencrypted data for spying on its people has consequences

Having a larp

China’s Communist Party cracks down on larping

The youth will not be happy

Above the water line

Fewer people are dying in floods in China

Money, dams and better planning are helping; climate change is not

Building blocs

The G7 at last presents an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Just as China starts to scale back its own scheme

Scattering the ashes

Xi Jinping defends China’s clampdown in Hong Kong

Marking 25 years of Chinese rule, the president says “patriots” should run the territory

Speakeasies v snitches

Getting around covid controls in Shanghai

Dark restaurants and shuttered gyms are not necessarily closed

Low school

China is improving its human capital. Gradually

Most of its working-age population still lacks a high-school education

Three steps to heaven

Some Chinese want their country to move closer to communism

How can a wealthy China still claim to be in the “initial stage of socialism”, scholars wonder?

Holes in the great firewall

As censorship in China increases, VPNs are becoming more important

Even the government finds the software useful

Whose is it?

America and China spar over the Taiwan Strait

Tensions in the region are simmering, not least over use of the waterway

Catapulting forward

What to make of China’s new aircraft-carrier

A big and expensive demonstration of its ambitions

The metaphor still holds water

Hong Kong’s most famous floating restaurant sinks

Some say the city is also going down