Winter of discontent

Europe is preparing for Russian gas to be cut off this winter

An EU-wide plan is needed to cope

Minority report

France’s President Emmanuel Macron decides to go it alone

Spurned by other parties, he appoints a minority government

Fate unknown

Russia is disappearing vast numbers of Ukrainians

Thousands have vanished into exile, prison or death

Explosive growth

Weapons shipments turn a Polish city into a boom town

Rzeszow is a key link in American aid to Ukraine

From bad to worse

Polish-German relations have gone sour

Trust is at its lowest ebb since the cold war


Travel chaos in Europe is a glimpse of a future with few spare workers

Employers are wondering where the staff went

The defiant one

Alexei Navalny’s jailers are tightening the screws

Russia’s repression of independent voices grows harsher

Heading south

Ukraine prepares a counter-offensive to retake Kherson province

Russia will provide fierce resistance

Changing priorities

The war is forcing Russia’s Balkan friends to recalibrate

Even Serbia is uneasy about Vladimir Putin’s aggression

The quiet German

Chancellor Olaf Scholz takes taciturnity to new levels

Some like it like that

Jacket, tie, nationalism

Fresh faces on the far right and left fill France’s parliament

Newcomers will test Emmanuel Macron’s government


Poland is being given an opportunity to matter in Europe

It has not seized past ones