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The next act

Britain after Boris

What will the end of his chaotic premiership mean for the country’s future?

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The rise of climate technology

Greening the grid

Hong Kong

How China crushed Hong Kong

Playing the long game

Gene editing

Could cosmetics get a makeover?

Science could help the industry meet demands for sustainably sourced products


Is there life beyond Earth?

Scientists could be about to answer that question

War in Ukraine

Is Vladimir Putin ill?

Rumours about Mr Putin’s health were circulating even before the war in Ukraine—but are they true?

Interest rates

Why do central banks raise interest rates?

The challenge of taming inflation

War in Ukraine

Three months that have shaken the world

Our experts discuss the war’s impact and possible future reverberations


China in Africa: should the West be worried?

The seeds China planted in the continent decades ago have spread deep roots

Australian politics

What do Australia’s election results reveal about the country?

Anthony Albanese’s underwhelming victory shows that voters are unimpressed with the country’s main political parties

Trouble in the horn of Africa

Disputed borders: Ethiopia and Sudan

How Ethiopia’s civil war revived a century-old dispute with a neighbour

War in Ukraine

An emerging global food crisis

With no end to the war in sight, our experts discuss its effect on global food supplies, and how new members will change NATO