Crisis in the classroom

Governments are ignoring the pandemic’s disastrous effect on education

Neglected pupils will suffer for the rest of their lives

Social media and security

Who’s afraid of TikTok?

The world’s most exciting app is also its most mistrusted

Private equity

Why leveraged buy-outs are in trouble

This downturn won’t be like the last one

After Roe

America’s new exceptionalism

America has a set of laws on important subjects that do not reflect the views of Americans

Britain after Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson should go immediately

Britain is in a dangerous state

Magna mistake

Voters should reject Chile’s new draft constitution

It is a fiscally irresponsible left-wing wish list

Mexico’s shame

Staggering numbers of Mexicans are vanishing. Here’s how to save them

End the war on drugs, and investigate disappearances properly

Russia advances in Donbas

How to win Ukraine’s long war

After doing well early in the war, Ukraine is losing ground. What next?

Global business centres

The biggest risks to Singapore’s primacy in Asian finance are at home

The pecking order of financial centres is changing

Technology investing

Venture capital’s reckoning

Why there won’t be a rerun of the dotcom crash

Rights and wrongs

The Supreme Court’s judicial activism will deepen cracks in America

The country needs to find a better way of resolving its thorniest issues

Abortion in America

The Supreme Court’s rejection of Roe will hurt the poorest most

Energetic efforts are needed to soften the blow