Middle East & Africa

A voyage to nowhere

Joe Biden sets off aimlessly to the Middle East

America’s president will have little to offer Israelis and Palestinians, and may not gain much more from the Saudis

A looter, discontinued

José Eduardo dos Santos, long-serving Angolan dictator, has died

The former president plundered his country

The latest railway bazaar

A new web of Arab railways could transform the Middle East

But old enmities block many of the links

Lapid response

Israel’s new leader, Yair Lapid, has four months to prove himself

Or Binyamin Netanyahu could win back power

Where was the goalie?

Two stupendous football scores raise questions in Sierra Leone

It is not every week that teams win 91-1 and 95-0

Paving paradise

Historic houseboats fall victim to Egypt’s addiction to cement

Centuries-old homes are being bulldozed

Either ore

How the world depends on small cobalt miners

The metal is key to the global energy transition. But its artisanal market is broken

Safer at last

The UN will finally defuse a floating bomb in the Red Sea

It still needs more money to avert a famine in Yemen

Digital stevedores

Africa’s mobile money agents face an uncertain future

Their numbers are growing faster than the transactions they handle

One shield to guard them all?

Israel’s unexpected military alliance in the Gulf

Fear of Iran is turning former enemies into allies

Echoes of war

A resurgence of regional rivalries imperils eastern Congo

Meddling neighbours add to the mayhem

Bristling with power

Why Iraqi moustaches are making a comeback

Facial fur is again a matter of style, not safety