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A global conversation on the role of markets, technology and freedom in the 21st century

Open Future

How to rethink environmental policies from “no” to “go”

Public policy can steer incentives for a more effective response to climate change, says Daniel Esty of Yale University

Open Future

We’re designed to make bad choices but here’s what we can do

Society suffers from an inability to think ahead, says Bina Venkataraman, author of “The Optimist’s Telescope”

Open Future

Is liberalism really kaput?

Authentic liberals need to muscle up for the fight of their lives

Guest comment: Carey Callahan

Gender identity is hard but jumping to medical solutions is worse

We need to overcome poor practices and norms in transgender treatments, says Carey Callahan, who “detransitioned”

Open Future

How to fight rare diseases with radically open innovation

To save his own life, a medical student devised a new approach to drug discovery. Now David Fajgenbaum is saving others

Open Future

Climate, freedom and denial: What “Green Thatcherism” teaches us today

As the Berlin Wall fell, Margaret Thatcher railed against the menace of global warming

Guest comment: Henrietta Fore

Give every child a legal identity

Technology can help children obtain legal proof of who they are, says Henrietta Fore, the executive director of UNICEF

Open Future

How what’s in our heads changes what’s in the world

Better “mental models” are vital to improve society, says Shane Parrish

Open Future

Youth movements are the fool’s gold of politics

Demonstrations make for selfies and virtue-signaling, not political change

Open Future

The value of freeing ideas, not just locking them up

We can have both innovation and equality, say Joshua Gans and Andrew Leigh

Guest comment: David Eagleman and Don Vaughn

Does your brain care about other people? It depends

People are hardwired to dehumanise others but we can overcome this, say David Eagleman and Don Vaughn

Guest comment: Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador

Party politics is dying, so make citizen movements the new unifier

Modern democracy means mobilising people on issues not allegiances, say Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador of NOW!