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Latest stories

America’s new exceptionalism

America has a set of laws on important subjects that do not reflect the views of Americans

America rethinks its strategy for taking on China’s economy

The focus is on whether Joe Biden will cut tariffs, but the real action is elsewhere

In preparation for power, America’s new right builds new institutions

The movement inspired by Donald Trump entrenches itself in Washington, DC

The deaths of 53 people in Texas highlight the perils of migration

Nearly 4,000 people have died trying to cross America’s border with Mexico since 2014

High noon for Liz Cheney

Her example holds a lesson for the Republicans—and everyone else

Democrats have a Hispanic problem

Among Latino voters, the Trump years hurt Democrats more than they helped

A push to recognise the rights of the unborn is growing in America

Domestic politics

SCOTUS, an end-of-term report

The scope of change flowing from the court’s rulings has been staggering

The fallout from overturning Roe

In an even more divided America, the battle over abortion goes on

Trump truthers are vying to run America’s local elections

A mostly bureaucratic endeavour is becoming a partisan battleground

The Biden-Harris problem

Democrats face the fact that they need a better candidate for 2024 than Joe Biden or his deputy

Biden’s gas-tax break is tempting politically but it’s a bad idea

It would do little for consumers. Thankfully, it is unlikely to get through Congress

Why a deal on gun control became possible in America’s Senate

One of the men behind the most significant gun reform in three decades

Domestic policy

America moves in conflicting directions on gun laws

One branch of government passes gun reform, another rejects a gun law

A law meant to boost America’s security becomes industrial policy

Joe Biden is using the army’s procurement tool to manage the economy

Gun reform finally seems possible

A possible gun deal has momentum

Foreign policy

America and China spar over the Taiwan Strait

Tensions in the region are simmering, not least over use of the waterway

How America tries to grapple with China while confronting Russia

Travels with the defence secretary in quest of stronger ties

The zombie nuclear deal

Iran’s defunct nuclear-containment pact has contaminated American politics

Joe Biden vows to deepen America’s ties with South Korea

That works better when no mention is made of China