Science & technology

I’m in heaven

The James Webb Space Telescope opens for business

Astronomy will never be the same again


A new giant waterlily has turned up at Kew Gardens

But dried specimens of it had been in hiding there for over 170 years

Beyond the Standard Model

Ten years on from the Higgs boson, what is next for physics?

New particles beckon as the Large Hadron Collider returns to life


How the dinosaurs took over

They were better than their competitors at surviving the cold

Faecal transplants

People bank blood. Why not faeces?

Storing your stools when you are young may help you later in life


How neurons really work is being elucidated

That will help both medicine and the search for better artificial intelligence

Friendship and scent

Friends smell like one another

It’s not clear why

A giant bacterium

The biggest bacterium yet discovered lives on Guadeloupe

It can grow to be a centimetre long

Sputnik V vaccination

Are the Russian covid-vaccine results accurate?

A new study calls into question a published clinical trial


A neglected way to unblock Fallopian tubes needs revisiting

Fertility doctors may be missing a trick

Nuclear waste

The first underground warren for disposing of spent nuclear fuel

Finland leads the way. Sweden and others may follow

Death of a mastodon

The Buesching mastodon’s story is imprinted in his ivory

He died fighting, about 13,200 years ago, aged 34