The Americas

Find works; insert spanner; repeat

Argentina’s economy minister resigns because of political infighting

Martin Guzmán’s departure will exacerbate the country’s economic ills

Hearts, not minds

Chile’s new draft constitution would shift the country far to the left

The process of drafting it has also polarised the country

Rafting with rebels

Some ex-FARC guerrillas have become tourist guides in Colombia

But not everyone has swapped pistols for paddles

The drug war

At least 100,000 people are missing in Mexico

Many victims lie in unmarked graves in the desert

Rain strain

More Brazilians are dying in floods and downpours

It’s not just the water that is killing them


Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has become more dangerous

President Jair Bolsonaro scorns environmentalists

Birds, bees and not much else

Latin America lacks decent sex education in its schools

Teenage pregnancy rates are still too high across the region


How Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla, might govern Colombia

An election puts a radical leftist in the presidential palace


Ecuador’s president has little chance of implementing reforms

A rare liberal government in Latin America is stymied by the opposition and protests

Here comes Rodolfo

Colombia’s presidential run-off on June 19th is close

Rodolfo Hernández is riding a wave of anti-establishment fervour


El Salvador’s government is gambling on bitcoin

President Nayib Bukele has already lost around $50m in public funds

Populism with Canadian characteristics

“Canada’s Trump” is politer than the real thing

Pierre Poilievre is the front-runner to lead the Conservative Party