Ukraine at war

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With Russian attacks now focused on the east of the country, the war in Ukraine has entered a new phase. Responses in the rest of the world range from hesitancy in Germany, fear in Taiwan—of China doing something similar—and ambivalence in wider Asia.

The Economist is following the conflict closely. Our coverage includes our recent face-to-face interview in Kyiv with Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, as well as asking prominent thinkers for their opinions on the conflict.

Latest analysis

Europe is preparing for Russian gas to be cut off this winter

An EU-wide plan is needed to cope

Ukraine prepares a counter-offensive to retake Kherson province

Russia will provide fierce resistance

Russia is disappearing vast numbers of Ukrainians

Thousands have vanished into exile, prison or death

Alexei Navalny’s jailers are tightening the screws

Russia’s repression of independent voices grows harsher

How to win Ukraine’s long war

After doing well early in the war, Ukraine is losing ground. What next?

Does a protracted conflict favour Russia or Ukraine?

Ukraine is counting on its Western allies; Vladimir Putin is counting on them to lose heart

Japanese energy firms cling on to their Russian assets

The military campaigns

Is the West supplying Ukraine with enough weapons?

The answer depends, in part, on what the goal is

Does the tank have a future?

The war in Ukraine has exposed the vehicle’s vulnerabilities. They can be overcome

Ukraine’s partisans are hitting Russian soldiers behind their own lines

In Russian-occupied cities like Melitopol, covert resistance continues

The impact on Russia

Why the West should be wary of permanently seizing Russian assets

It is a seductive idea, but would also be a mistake

Russia is on track for a record trade surplus

Imports have collapsed, but exports are holding up

Ukraine spoils Vladimir Putin’s May 9th parade

Russia’s army is struggling and Volodymyr Zelensky is the better showman

Reverberations abroad

NATO holds its most important summit for decades

The alliance is fortifying its eastern borders

How Russia’s war could revive America’s uranium industry

The climate crisis and invasion of Ukraine are transforming the politics of nuclear power

Costly food and energy are fostering global unrest

Many governments are too indebted to cushion the blow to living standards

By Invitation: guest essays on the crisis

By InvitationThe German chancellor may be turning a corner, says Thorsten Benner

The analyst says Olaf Scholz has got the big calls right, but has not communicated his policies well

By InvitationAndrey Kortunov offers three scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine

The Russian political scientist sees it as a clash between societies as well as armies

Charts and explainers

Most of the world’s grain is not eaten by humans

Nearly half of all grain is either burned as fuel or eaten by animals

Explainer: Why are pilots in Ukraine firing rockets so clumsily?

“Lofting”, which dates back to the 1940s, suggests both sides lack modern weaponry

The UN says more than 4,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine

The true death count is almost certainly much higher

Explainer: Why is Severodonetsk important?

The town has become a key battleground in the fight for Ukraine’s Donbas region

The crisis in historical context


FilmThe Economist interviews Tony Blair

The former British prime minister on the third incarnation of Vladimir Putin

1843 magazine | What Vladimir Putin misunderstood about Ukrainians

Russia’s president thought Ukraine would fold when invaded. History shows its people come together in adversity

Writers have grappled with Vladimir Putin for two decades

Greyness, greed and grievance have been the dominant themes

Six books that explain the history and culture of Ukraine

From gangsters in Odessa to paramilitaries in the Donbas

Russia’s Orthodox Church paints the conflict in Ukraine as a holy war

In an unholy alliance, it is helping Vladimir Putin to justify his war at home

1843 magazine | How the last Jews of Bila Tserkva escaped Putin’s army

They survived the Nazis and the Soviets. The Russian invasion is the final blow