United States

Command and control

The Pentagon sharpens its cultural sword to win future wars

More scattered forces will need to be more nimble and enterprising

No, no se puede

Democrats have a Hispanic problem

Among Latino voters, the Trump years hurt Democrats more than they helped

Zygote rights

A push to recognise the rights of the unborn is growing in America

The movement risks inflicting grievous harm on pregnant women

Ceci n’est pas une carpe

To hook American diners, an invasive species of carp gets a new name

It has worked before, for the Patagonian toothfish and the slimehead


High noon for Liz Cheney

Her example holds a lesson for the Republicans—and everyone else

A Washington army in waiting

In preparation for power, America’s new right builds new institutions

The movement inspired by Donald Trump entrenches itself in Washington, DC

Power play

The Supreme Court throttles Joe Biden’s climate agenda

The justices voted 6-3 to sharply limit the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency


The courage of Cassidy Hutchinson

Even without Donald Trump, says our departing columnist, the Republican Party may be unreformable

A dangerous path

The deaths of 53 people in Texas highlight the perils of migration

Nearly 4,000 people have died trying to cross America’s border with Mexico since 2014

Sink or swim

Where have all the lifeguards gone?

A national shortage means many of America’s pools and beaches may be closed or unmanned

Supreme Court wrap

SCOTUS, an end-of-term report

The scope of change flowing from the court’s rulings has been staggering

Win one, lose one

America moves in conflicting directions on gun laws

One branch of government passes gun reform, another rejects a gun law